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Thank you for visiting me today, I hope you see something here that you like. I love colouring digital images and I am on a few Design Teams.I am taking art classes with Kit and Clowder, and Make it Crafty. I hope maybe you will get some new ideas here or you can leave comments and links so I will be picking up new ideas from you. Anyway I will put on the kettle and have some cupcakes at the ready...

Sunday, 21 August 2011


Is it me or are spiders getting bigger this year? I was just finishing my last post when out of the corner of my eye I saw Aragon! Yes I know he appeared in Harry Potter but I think he or an offspring was here in my craft room! I shrieked ( setting off next doors dog)  for my husband (who I must say did get here fairly quickly)  and, armed with an original native rainstick he dispatched said spider to that great web in the sky. He showed me the evidence from under the stick. I was suitably grateful and managed to settle down again....I then thought I heard the music from Jurassic Park and there it was again!!! Ok so it was limping but still bloomin' fast. Again I shrieked, again next doors dog barked, again my husband dashed upstairs-I was actually suitably impressed as he doesn't usually move that fast (my husband not the spider) again he went on the attack with the rain stick as the spider was going down the stairs to meet him. I think the danger is over, I don't think there is much left of the spider, but tonight is going to be a very long night. I am very proud of my husband. 

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