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Monday, 7 November 2011

One way to use images from Polkadoodle

This is the way I use images from Polkadoodle discs in My Craft Studio. I am sure there are much easier ways but this works for me. It is a bit long winded and you may find you can cut corners but this has been quite successful.
Make sure you have the 'Paint' option available from the start menu. Insert Polkadoodle disc. Choose and click on the image you want to work with. Go to the drop down 'Edit' menu. Copy file to clipboard. Go to the start menu and select 'Paint'. Go to the drop down 'Edit' menu. Select 'Paste'. Your selected image will then be in front of you. Again go to the drop down 'Edit' menu. Choose 'Save as' and you can save and name  the image where you can easily find it. Close down 'Paint' and you are back to the Polkadoodle disc. You can then open mcs and use the image as you would any other saved image. There are ways to trim the image and only save the part you want to work with but I am quite happy to have the whole image in mcs and I can crop, lassoo or scissor the image there. Like I said...there will be much easier ways to do this but this works for me so, if like me, you have spent days wondering how on earth can you use these lovely images then maybe give this way a try..

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  1. Thanks a lot Sue. I did not think of using paint. Much appreciated.