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Thank you for visiting me today, I hope you see something here that you like. I love colouring digital images and I am on a few Design Teams.I am taking art classes with Kit and Clowder, and Make it Crafty. I hope maybe you will get some new ideas here or you can leave comments and links so I will be picking up new ideas from you. Anyway I will put on the kettle and have some cupcakes at the ready...

Monday 30 June 2014

Crazy Alyce in Wonderland

by Rick St. Dennis
These alternative 'Alice' characters from Rick's imagination are just fabulous! Here we have Crazy Alyce not looking too pleased... I hope it's not me who annoyed her! Printed onto neenah, coloured with promarkers then the white background was removed using Serif and the shadow added. The background is from a mcs disc called 'A Very Important Date'
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Thursday 26 June 2014

Fantasie en plume guest designer spot

I have chosen this design and colouring for a guest designer spot on
Rick is sponsoring the challenge, I hope you will join in... the theme is circles.

Fantasie en plume
by Rick St. Dennis
One day, maybe, I will use other colours apart from purple... but maybe not just yet... As always, neenah, promarkers and mcs.

Tuesday 24 June 2014

Outhouse with birdbox

by Rick St. Dennis
Don't you just love these loos? Printed onto neenah, coloured with promarkers, frame from The Range. I love the quirkiness of Rick's drawings and couldn't wait to get this set to colour.
We finally had some rain and the garden is looking newly washed and suddenly the weeds have decided to put on a growth spurt! I really must get out there and fight back. We have already sampled the raspberries and a few of the 'new'potatoes, I've made rhubarb crumbles and I keep eyeing up the tomatoes. The lettuces have been nibbled so Colin has covered them and the beetroot is looking good. The sweetpeas have self seeded and are a riot of colour. Colin picked some the other day and they make the house smell glorious!

Thursday 19 June 2014


by Rick St. Dennis

Oh my...I'm on a roll here with these Alice in Wonderland alternative images, I am loving them, they are all so quirky. I thought I knew the story behind the images but I didn't know anything about a baby changing into a pig! Eeek!!!
Printed onto neenah, coloured with promarkers and pencils. I removed the white background of the image in Serif and used mcs for the sentiment and background paper.

Tuesday 17 June 2014

Lady Francine Plinthe-Hedges in Scotland

by Rick St. Dennis
Another of Rick's wonderful ladies. I am getting quite a collection, as well as making cards from these images I also frame many of them. I find that neenah paper works very well with promarkers and I am very happy with the results. It's just my colouring technique needs a bit of tweaking.
A couple of days ago we took Colin's mother to Wells. They used to live there so it was great for them to see how much had changed. It was only a short walk from the car park to the quayside and we stopped for fish and chips... they were the best I'd had in a long time. Maybe because the fish was caught locally so it was really fresh, then a cup of builders tea. Colin and his mum bought some cockles (it was sacrilege as they used to go out collecting them with rakes and buckets) and an ice-cream for on the way back to the car. I think I slept most of the way home as they were chatting in the front of the car... the sea air is great for a good nights sleep.
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Monday 16 June 2014


by Mo's Digital Pencil
Rise and Shine
by make it crafty
I think these two images look gorgeous together. The lovely young lady just reading and dreaming is called Between and has been drawn by Mo. The bedroom scene Rise and Shine has been drawn by Zoe at make it crafty. I will link up as soon as the site maintenance has been completed.
Printed onto neenah and coloured with promarkers. Papers and flowers have been made in MCS and Serif.

I would like to enter this into the following challenges        46 Anything goes     23 Anything goes                                     16 Flora and Fauna                           13 Summer Flowers                                223 Stripes

Sunday 15 June 2014

Insane Hatter

by Rick St. Dennis
Isn't this chap absolutely wonderful. Have you ever seen a character from Alice in Wonderland portrayed in this way? I have several more of these images in the pipeline to show you and each one is such a striking project.. Printed onto neenah, coloured with promarkers. Background made and colour changed in mcs then inserted into Serif. Coloured image also imported into Serif where the excess white background was removed. Everything was brought together and exported back into mcs for the sentiment and the watermark. Thank you to Monique my teamie on the Rick St. Dennis elite design team for your help and suggestions.

Now the history bit
The felt hat industry has been traced to the mid 17th century in France, and it was probably introduced into England some time around 1830. A story passed down in the hat industry gives this account of how mercury came to be used in the process: In Turkey camel hair was used for felt material, and it was discovered that the felting process was speeded up if the fibers were moistened with camel urine. It is said that in France workmen used their own urine, but one particular workman seemed consistently to produce a superior felt. This person was being treated with a mercury compound for syphilis, and an association was made between mercury treatment of the fibers and an improved felt. Eventually the use of solutions of mercuric nitrate was widespread in the felt industry, and mercury poisoning became endemic. (reference) Dementia and  erethism were indeed a common ailment among 19th Century hatmakers.

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Friday 13 June 2014

Rose for my Rose

by Rick St. Dennis
This charming young woman is a request inspired by Aletha-hats featuring  birthday flowers of the month. Printed onto neenah, coloured with promarkers then imported into Serif to remove the white background, add faux stitching and frayed border then it was exported back to mcs for the sentiment, pearls and watermark.
I would like to enter this into the following challenges    ch63 Anything goes            262 One Layer Card      79 Don't be square   92 Stitch it

Thursday 12 June 2014

Smeared and Smudged bloghop

The image inside the lamp is Hexology
On the outside is Batcula
Both Images by Rick St. Dennis

This is my entry for the Smeared and Smudged blog hop today. If you like things to be somewhat quirky then please hop around... you never know what you might find! The remit was to upcycle an object...
The list of participants is on the right sidebar, just down a little way. I have a problem with my eyes and the bloghop has a flashing image.

We haven't done this one in a while, and since we're giving such advance notice we really want you to pull out all the stops!...your challenge: ALTER A FOUND OBJECT.
No cards or scrapbook pages allowed, your item must be 3-D and must have started out as something you found at a thrift store, on the side of the road, in the back of your closet, etc. Show us how you can truly change up that ugly old lamp, or re-cover that forgotten recipe book, the possibilities are endless! Also, don't forget the S&S rule that is has to be stamped somewhere (digi stamps are fine) – we love when you use Smeared Ink stamps, but it is NOT a requirement.
The lamp is very old, I wanted to decorate it for when we used to go to music festivals but didn't know how. It was quite funny when I started this project... my husband said I should dust the lamp before I do anything with it. NO NO NO.... that dust is old - it stays!
The images have been printed onto neenah and coloured with promarkers. They were then scanned and printed onto glossy photo paper. The little bottle of 'absinthe' is green food colouring. The warning has been made in mcs, the rest is just bits and bobs.

Tuesday 10 June 2014

Manwai do you read my blog?

by Mitzi at Aurora Wings
This gorgeous image by Mitzi was a delight to colour. Printed onto neenah, coloured with promarkers. Tiny shells and stones from stash. Box frame from The Range.

Onto family stuff
We were invited over to Lisa's for tea and looked after our grandchildren whilst Lisa and Manwai went out. After a while it started raining so I went out into the garden and brought in the washing. Didn't think anything of it.... until later in the evening when Lisa and Manwai came home. I could hear Lisa whooping in the kitchen and we wondered what was going on. Lisa is now £100 better off! It transpires that our dear son-in-law had noticed the rain and Lisa had told him that I would have brought in the washing. They had a bet! Lisa said that if I hadn't brought it in she would give Manwai £5.00 Manwai said that I wouldn't have brought it in and placed a bet of £100.00 therefore a delighted Lisa is now richer than when she went out. Hummm... I pretended I was hurt and played on it for a while and Manwai has said he will buy me a Chinese meal. Colin thought it was a good moment when I growled at Manwai as we left.

Monday 9 June 2014

Cozy Castle

by Rick St. Dennis
I do love this castle image, it's going to make a perfect background for some of the fantasy images by Rick. Printed onto neenah, coloured with promarkers. 'Fussy cut' using Serif. Bubble,doily, background and script made in mcs. I did enjoy colouring this image, Rick's shading really helps.

Friday 6 June 2014

Daphne Pickering Spring in Lucern

by Rick St. Dennis
This lovely lady has been printed onto neenah, and coloured with promarkers. The background was made in mcs.
Something so funny just happened.... I have an appointment with the dentist today, the dental nurse just rang and asked if she could change the appointment time to 2.30 (tooth hurty get it?)

Thursday 5 June 2014

Dragon Lore

Woman with serpentine  dragon tattoo
by Mitzi at Aurora Wings
This wonderful image has been printed onto neenah, coloured with promarkers. I love The Range for frames and I think this one shows off my project perfectly.
I think somehow I lost most of Wednesday... I had such a headache that I went to bed about 5ish and didn't wake up till gone midnight. What happened to my tea? What did Colin have for his tea? What happened to my meds? I am totally confused just sitting in the living room in a bit of a daze. The ironing keeps looking at me... it can look all it likes... I'm not ironing at 3am! I was going to make myself something to eat... a bit daft really when I will be having my porridge in about three hours when Colin gets up.

Wednesday 4 June 2014

Old Fashioned Outhouse

by Rick St. Dennis
Sometimes I just feel like colouring something totally different and I think a set of outhouses really fit the bill. Printed onto neenah, coloured with promarkers. The frame is from The Range.
This morning is a morning just for me. Colin is going to the local town to play bowls, so I can catch up with all the ironing, or do the dishes and sort out the kitchen cupboards, or finish painting the bathroom and hang my coloured and framed mermaid images, or get out in the garden and weed Foggy Bottom (a rather secluded area of our garden overgrown with honeysuckle), or I could paint the aging birdtable and large garden swing... or I could sit and colour and watch a spooky film. Hummmm...
I would like to enter this into the following challenges     ch 222 Digi does it

Tuesday 3 June 2014

A Goth Mermaid

by Aurora Wings
This wonderfully wicked mermaid surrounded by skulls and jewels has been drawn by Mitzi at Aurora Wings. I have printed the mermaid onto neenah and coloured her with promarkers. I added frantage around the image. I bought the frame for a couple of pounds at The Range and glued tiny shells and gems and tiny stones along the bottom edge. I hope you love her too.
I would like to enter this into the following challenges                     250 Mythical creatures    44 Make your own background                    11 Fantasy  winner

Monday 2 June 2014

Lady Diamante Fitzhugh

by Rick St. Dennis
This wonderful lady is beautifully dressed for the Opera Gala with her opera glasses and all her finery. I love these grand mature ladies, they really know how to have some fun! Printed onto neenah, coloured with promarkers. The background and sentiment made in mcs.
I was up so early today, I forgot to check the time and I wandered downstairs thinking it's a bit quiet round here, it was just me and the birds (they are not pleased with us - the bird feeder has run out and we won't have any more seed till we visit poundland... next to Hobbycraft yea!) I settled myself down and logged on...half past flippin' four!!! Colin wandered down a bit bleary eyed and asked me if I wanted a cup of tea, such a sweetie. I couldn't let him wake up too much so I made myself a drink and Colin went back to bed. I refuse to iron at this time or to washup so I'm just sitting here playing nicely.

Sunday 1 June 2014

A Steampunked 'Winner' for the progressive challenge on Sparkle and Glitter

by Rick St. Dennis
This handsome chap has so much going on. There are rats (cute ones) climbing his hat and hanging off his arms. A spider web plus spider. A tiny bat key chain and little caterpillar. (I just asked Colin how to spell caterpillar and he said....wait a while and just spell butterfly), Smart top hat, gloves and cane and of course a winners sash. What more could a little champion ask for? Monster has been printed onto neenah, coloured with promarkers. Fussy-cut using Serif. Background made in mcs and just gently steampunked.
Those of you who entered the challenge on Sparkle and Glitter (and just email Rick so he has your email address to send the image) will receive this image for free. It is a great challenge so please just pop over to Sparkle and Glitter, use a Rick St. Dennis image and enter. Then you too will receive an image which you can use on the following challenge. Seems like a good idea to me.