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Thank you for visiting me today, I hope you see something here that you like. I love colouring digital images and I am on a few Design Teams.I am taking art classes with Kit and Clowder, and Make it Crafty. I hope maybe you will get some new ideas here or you can leave comments and links so I will be picking up new ideas from you. Anyway I will put on the kettle and have some cupcakes at the ready...

Saturday 28 February 2015

Big Purse needed

by Rick St. Dennis
Rick's facebook group
Background Dollshouse
by Cryztal Rain
and Craft Artist 2
This busy lady off to the shops. Loving these Spring images from Rick.

Friday 27 February 2015

My Favourite Gingerbread recipe

180g unsalted butter
125g brown sugar
300g golden syrup
500g plain flour
1/4 teaspoon salt (That means just a tiny amount.. I haven't got a symbol for quarter)
1 tablespoon ground ginger
1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda ( That is just a half a teaspoon)
Extra bit of flour for rolling
Two large sheets of greaseproof paper
Rolling Pin
Biscuit cutter
2 baking trays lined with greaseproof paper

This is my tried and trusted method.
Heat the oven to 150 C (fan)
Place the butter in an oven proof largish dish and place in the oven. Measure out the sugar and syrup. By this time the butter should have melted. If there are still large lumps leave it in the oven for a few more minutes but keep an eye on it. Take the bowl with the butter out of the oven and place on a heat proof surface. Now tip the sugar and the syrup into the melted butter. Mix the butter/sugar/syrup together very slowly until the sugar has melted and everything comes together in a gorgeous thick gloop. This is not a quick recipe, it will take a few moments till you see no buttery topping.
Place all the dry ingredients into a large mixing bowl and add the butter/sugar/syrup mixture and stir until it is all mixed together in a very thick dough.
Shake a little flour onto one of the greaseproof paper sheets. Place the cookie dough onto the floured paper and shake a little flour onto the dough. Place the second sheet on top of the dough and roll the dough to the desired thickness. Gently remove the top sheet of paper and cut out the biscuit shapes, I just use a ring cutter. The dough will be quite floppy so this is how I remove the shapes. Take hold of the paper near the first shape and bend it slightly so the biscuit slowly comes away from the paper and gently scoop the biscuit up and place on the papered baking tray. Repeat for as many biscuits as you manage to cut out of the dough. Gather up the remaining dough and repeat the process. Lay one greasproof sheet on the work surface and scatter a little flour onto it. Shape the dough into a ball and place onto the floured paper. Scatter a little flour onto the dough and place the second sheet of paper on top. Roll out the dough as before, take off the sheet of paper and cut out the biscuits, gently take the biscuits off the floured paper and add to the papered baking trays. Continue doing this until all the dough is used up. If you have a little bit of dough left just squish it into the baking tray near the edge (when they are baked that will be your treat).
Place into the heated oven for 15 minutes, remove them when the colour goes a pretty shade of brown Do not poke them as they carry on cooking out of the oven and you will leave fingerprints. Be brave and trust me. After about 10 minutes take the biscuits off the tray and place on a cooling grid.. I don't know what you call it... just the thing you cool cakes on. When they are completely cold place them in an airtight tin..the biscuits will be lovely. The next day they will be wonderful and the next day they will have a crisp 'break' to them and will withstand dunking in coffee!!!

Thursday 26 February 2015

Finola and Xavier

both by Rick St. Dennis (Links to follow) 
Spooky carriage
from a collection called Movie Impressions Sweeny Todd
(altered quite a bit) from Mischief Circus
This story is taking shape over on Rick's facebook page. If you can describe who Finola has spotted and you add the comment where you see this story you stand a chance of Rick loving your suggestion. He will then draw it, and the winner (and me) will receive a copy of the digi free (I love free)
There, down an dark street where the mist swirled round her feet Finola saw a very strange looking carriage. As she watched.. the front panel dropped slowly down to reveal shiny curtains and flowers and a scent of... new papers and marker pens. The sides opened to show so many storage boxes and more glitter than she had ever seen in one place. Her eyes were drawn to a very handsome man standing in front of the carriage but as she turned her head to gaze at some new stuff she thought she saw feathers sprouting on him. As she looked back quickly she thought she saw a huge owl but no... there was just the man smiling at her. Finola shook her head and carried on stroking the papers. She had heard that there was someone new in town, Finola introduced herself to the man who told her that his name was Xavier and that he kept a stock of everything she could possibly dream of just behind the curtains. He asked Finola if quilling interested her, Finola answered that her neighbour Carla says it’s a hoot! With a spring in her step Finola climbed up onto the carriage and moved towards the curtains. Xavier pulled on the silky fabric which seemed to flow towards his wings.. er.. hands. Finola stood still. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She heard a soft Hoot behind her and in front of her was

Wednesday 25 February 2015

Albert DT for Crafting from the Heart

by Just Inklined
Home Sweet Home Background
by make it crafty

Sponsored by Just Inklined
The challenge over at Crafting from the Heart is being sponsored by Just Inklined. The theme is anything goes so I hope you will all enter with your projects.
Isn't Albert wonderful! Just a couple of years and I can see my husband having one of those speedy walkers.Printed onto neenah card and coloured with promarkers and spectrum noir pencils.

Tuesday 24 February 2015

Gentleman's Banter

by Just Inklined

Sponsored by

As part of my DT projects for Crafting from the Heart. They have a Anything Goes Challenge which I hope you will enter.
This has been printed onto neenah card and coloured with promarkers. The background is from English Town.

Monday 23 February 2015

Catch of the Day

Catch of the Day
Just Inklined 

Sponsored by

Coloured with promarkers and spectrum noir pencils. After I coloured this image the water was shaded in 'aqua' blues and uploaded to Craft Artist 2 where the blue cloudy sky was placed behind it.. I think it looks like the water reaches the sky.
I do hope you will join us in the Challenge over at Crafting from the Heart as always it is 'Anything goes'.Sponsored by Just Inklined

Friday 20 February 2015

Easter Bunny Scrapbook page

by Rick St. Dennis
Rick's facebook group
Who doesn't love a bit of scrapbooking? The little bunnies wanted to have a page dedicated to Uncle M.M. as they call him.
Printed onto neenah and coloured with promarkers and spectrum noir pencils.

Thursday 19 February 2015

Finola Fitzwilly at home

Finola Fitzwilly
by Rick St. Dennis
Rick's facebook group
Background furniture from Doll House by Cryztal Rain
Mischief Circus

Finola has recently retired and has far too much time on her hands. Her cabinets are full of owl ornaments and her jewelry boxes are full of owl brooches - her American neighbour Carla called them pins. Finola loves owls. She has visited the local Owl sanctuary so often that one young man thinks he has a stalker. She definitely needs a new hobby. Finola has just finished her afternoon tea, she is equipped with her note book and large handbag ready to be filled with stuff. Today is the day that she will find a new interest. There has been talk in the village of a new shop opening but instead of being open between 9am and 5pm the shop is open all evening until gone Midnight! Finola is excited. An adventure awaits.. she has just crossed over a small bridge into a part of the village she has never seen before... the light is fading, shadows are appearing. Finola could see something moving... could hear something breathing.. Da da daaaaa..... 
If you can think of a character that has surprised our Finola please visit the Rick St. Dennis facebook page and tell us all about it. If it becomes Rick's favourite then he will draw it, I will colour it and the story rambles on with your character in a starring role! You will receive the hand drawn image free of charge with our thanks.

Finola has been printed onto neenah and coloured with promarkers and spectrum noir pencils.

Monday 16 February 2015

Pampered Lady for Crafting from the Heart

by Karleigh Sue
A Time to Relax Bathroom scene
by make it crafty

Sponsored by Karleigh Sue Designs
Isn't she so cute just taking a little 'me' time. This is my Design Team  project for Crafting from the Heart. There is a challenge over at their Blog which I hope you will be entering.
This is printed onto neenah and coloured with promarkers. The bathroom scene was also printed onto neenah and coloured with promarkers. The two were melded in Craft Artist 2.

Gone Fishing

Poppy and Jasmine doing a spot of night fishing
Background is a mix of Under the Moon and Summer Fishing
from Mystery Circus
We took some photos in front of a brown sheet which made it super easy to remove the background and place the girls in such a sweet scene. I used Craft Artist 2 to import all the little bits and pieces and to alter everything to fit.

Sunday 15 February 2015

String of Hearts

by Rick St. Dennis
Rick's facebook page
Background papers from Under the Moon
by  KandiDesigns for Mischief Circus
I really do think this is such a lovely image with the sweetest face. Printed onto neenah card and coloured with promarkers.

Thursday 12 February 2015

Key to my Heart

Key to my Heart
by Ching Cung Kuik
I am entering this into the Ching-Chou Kuik facebook challenge. I did have a lovely time colouring her. Printed onto neenah and coloured with promarkers.
Challenge ends Feb 28th.

Wednesday 11 February 2015

Queen of Hearts

The Crazy Queen of Hearts
by Rick St. Dennis
Rick's facebook group
Abandoned background paper by Cryztal Rain
at Mischief Circus
More fun with the Crazy Queen at home this time. Neenah and Promarkers as always. xx

Tuesday 10 February 2015

Madama de la Noche

by Rick St. Dennis
Rick's facebook group
Wandering the darkened streets of old London. Printed onto neenah and coloured with promarkers. Background from Mischief Circus.

Monday 9 February 2015

Hey Foxy

both by
Amy Doodle Stamp Co.
Portals Background
from Cryztal Rain
at Mischief Circus
The sheep is a free image... They are both so gorgeous and there are so many lovely ones to choose from... (The hedgehog is going on my wishlist) I was just going to colour up the fox but my imagination carried me off again...
Printed onto neenah card then coloured with spectrum noir pencils. The shiny eyes are in fact 'water droplets' from the free 'Water' kit on Craft Artist 2 and the glorious background is from Portals.

I entered this into the Kit & Clowder and Amy Doodle Stamp challenge and came in the top 3

Top 3 (you will all have the change to guest design for Kit and Clowder's next event :) Previous guest designers I have something fun planned for you as well!! ^_^ )

Most Creative - Sue Peck Sue this was so cute! I loved the theme.. the whole design.. it was such a cute project and stood out for me :D 

Sunday 8 February 2015

Girl with Petals

Petal Blossom
Such a pretty image, she was a delight to colour. She has been printed onto neenah card and coloured with promarkers and spectrum noir pencils. Background papers and fram from Craft Artist 2.

Saturday 7 February 2015

Snakes and Rats at home

by Rick St. Dennis
Rick's facebook group
Furniture from Craft Artist 2
Background from Holliwood Portals
Little Bert's home from home. A ladder reaches up to his bedroom and a rocking chair to relax in. Printed onto neenah and coloured with promarkers.

Pierrot alone

by Rick St. Dennis
Rick's facebook group
Scene from a collection called Abandoned by Cryztal Rain
available at Mischief Circus
This Pierrot sitting alone at the bottom of the stairs is quite deep in thought. The image is a delight to colour and I have used him many times in my projects. The background scene is really quite a 'find'. I was commenting on a crafter's project which was entered into a challenge over at Crafting from the Heart and I noticed she had used an amazing background. I followed the link and I ended up at a site called Mischief Circus and was there for absolutely ages, my wishlist quickly filled up as I really can't believe the prices for such wonderful papers, embellishments and whole kits. Please visit them and just wander through all that yumminess!!!

Friday 6 February 2015


Eek (mouse with a parachute)
Fred  (little mouse on the right)
all by Rick St. Dennis
Rick's facebook group
Lovely peace and quiet. Printed onto neenah card and coloured with promarkers. The background is from Mischief Circus who have a section of the most amazing papers.. I adore these rooms!

Tuesday 3 February 2015

Gigi all in purple

by Rick St. Dennis
Rick's facebook group
by make it crafty

I don't think there is such a thing as too much purple... well maybe I will colour Paris differently next time. Anyway, Gigi had her photo taken here because the cafe matched her outfit!
I wonder.. if anyone else has seen Rick St Dennis Mfa's Gigi somewhere on her travels. . if anyone has seen Gigi somewhere and shows us here on the facebook group, I will run a little challenge. I will buy an image from Rick of Gigi's friend and send it to the lucky lady who creates the most fabulous scene with Gigi.. xx
Printed onto neenah and coloured with promarkers then imported into Craft Artist 2 for the removal of the white background and to have this section of the Paris image added.

Monday 2 February 2015

Maytime Dance DT project for Crafting from the Heart

By Rick St. Dennis
Rick's Facebook page
By make it crafty
Isn't she fabulous!!! This lady is dancing like no-one is watching... complete beauty and confidence. This project is for my DT commitment for Crafting from the Heart, there is a challenge taking place on their blog which I hope you will enter.

I would like to enter this into the following challenges
Through the Purple Haze       76  Anything goes