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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Finola and Xavier

both by Rick St. Dennis (Links to follow) 
Spooky carriage
from a collection called Movie Impressions Sweeny Todd
(altered quite a bit) from Mischief Circus
This story is taking shape over on Rick's facebook page. If you can describe who Finola has spotted and you add the comment where you see this story you stand a chance of Rick loving your suggestion. He will then draw it, and the winner (and me) will receive a copy of the digi free (I love free)
There, down an dark street where the mist swirled round her feet Finola saw a very strange looking carriage. As she watched.. the front panel dropped slowly down to reveal shiny curtains and flowers and a scent of... new papers and marker pens. The sides opened to show so many storage boxes and more glitter than she had ever seen in one place. Her eyes were drawn to a very handsome man standing in front of the carriage but as she turned her head to gaze at some new stuff she thought she saw feathers sprouting on him. As she looked back quickly she thought she saw a huge owl but no... there was just the man smiling at her. Finola shook her head and carried on stroking the papers. She had heard that there was someone new in town, Finola introduced herself to the man who told her that his name was Xavier and that he kept a stock of everything she could possibly dream of just behind the curtains. He asked Finola if quilling interested her, Finola answered that her neighbour Carla says it’s a hoot! With a spring in her step Finola climbed up onto the carriage and moved towards the curtains. Xavier pulled on the silky fabric which seemed to flow towards his wings.. er.. hands. Finola stood still. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She heard a soft Hoot behind her and in front of her was

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