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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Little Frost Dragons

 Frost Dragon Birthday
by Rick St. Dennis
This gorgeous little dragon is available with or without the Happy Birthday in the background. I will link up the second image as soon as I find the listing. I think these cards show how different images can look in another colour. Printed onto neenah, coloured with promarkers. Background made in mcs.

Stepdaughter Lisa and husband Manwai with Poppy, Jasmine and Jaydn


Making stuffing balls

Part 2
We had a lovely time Easter Friday, I really, really  love this little family I just wish my thoughts didn't turn into butterflies - I know what time to put things into the oven but when I am surrounded by little voices who all want to tell me the news and to pinch bits of chicken and cheese and I need to keep Poppy away from the oven and try to rescue the gravy from boiling over and to find Jasmine's knife (dinosaur on handle) and to make sure everyone's got a drink...bit like painting a bridge... once I finish I have to start again. And then we had races on the Wii and toddler Poppy was given a steering wheel but gave it back 'cos it didn't have buttons. Then mid race (with a steering wheel with buttons) she kept shouting I won! and pressing the buttons before Granddad was ready, then team Tinkerbell (Jasmine and me) are really looking good this season with Baby Peach as a driver. Then having Wii breaks for more drinks and Poppy finding a little bag of sweets... tiny teeth and toothbrushes!! Handing round these little sweets so the kids don't have a sugar rush then back to the race and finding a very sticky half chewed sweet toothbrush sticking to my arm so I was distracted (butterfly brain again) and we came 10th. There's nothing like a accusatory stare from a granddaughter to put you in your place! We are going to their house next week for Colin's birthday so we can just relax although Jasmine's new game is to hide behind us when we are looking for her, then when we turn she moves round so we still can't see her....note to self - must lose weight


  1. Gorgeous card the lilac one...great for a little girl...Lovely photo of your family....Joolsx

  2. wow just love your two little dragon cards sue ... and love your family photos ... such a happy time ... I love making and baking with my grandchildren ... such fun ... what an awful day today (Sunday) we had them for the morning but they were good as gold ... didnt get round to making stuffing balls tho lol ... thank you so much for visiting my blog ... have a happy bank holiday Monday ... happy crafting and love sandy xx

  3. Aww what lovely family photos and perfect for scrapping! I love your dragon cards too :-) Happy Easter! Elaine-xxx-

  4. Looks like a lot of fun was had by all -great cards too - Linda x

  5. Two great cards and such lovely family photos. You seem to have had a great time.
    Heike xx

  6. On the hop over from Do Crafts.
    Loving your creative ness on your blog.
    Happy Easter
    Nikki x

  7. Gorgeous cards, another lovely image coloured beautifully. You have a beautiful family and they certainly sound like they keep you busy x

  8. I'm afraid your gorgeous cards have been eclipsed by your even more gorgeous family, Sue, but I've a feeling you won't mind! Hope you had a Happy Easter, sorry for my late visit, Dips xx