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Friday 17 October 2014

Goblin Halloween hop image 17

by Rick St. Dennis
Personally I don't think it counts as a friend if it doesn't have a body. Of course that is just my personal opinion. Anyway, Cedric the Goblin really wanted to bring a friend to the party fight and so made his own when he couldn't wait for the rest of the gang to make up their minds whether or not to join Brian (getting fed and a place to sleep) or the Executioners (getting shouted at and a bit scorched by the Dragons). Cedric is a bit concerned about the gossip... since the re-animation of Hedwig was a success no one cleaned up the lab. Now some 'stuff' leaked under the door, some itty bitty spiders took a liking to it, some snails wanted revenge for years of salt abuse and a creature which looked a bit like aunties carpet (but more fragrant) took some home for a snack. Oh My! Someone will have to let the ladies at the Tea Shop know about this turn of events.
Sarah is right to be concerned...
Steph knows something is not right...
AJ must be found - she knows about re-animation and the accompanying  background music.
Dogsmum will be contacted about the missing notebook page.

Isn't this a wonderful Goblin image! So full of character, so gloriously spooky. He has a carved pumpkin with him and of course a shrunken head which he shows off so proudly. 
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  1. ooo are mutant snails running around now? the possibilities are frightening! So glad he made his own friend, friends are so important!
    Happy Friday!~kim

  2. Goodness gracious! Things are heating up quiet a bit this week! So glad he found a friend, head, well something to hold onto cause it sounds like it could be quiet a scare coming his way! Lovely coloring of this wonderful image!

  3. Oh dear, I'm concerned about the snails!!! Crikey! Fabulous project, love that image! And your tale is getting deeper and deeper! Here's hoping for a positive outcome! :) X

  4. I hope everyone is reading all this carefully. Your imagination and humor (aunties carpet stinks, eh?) is the high point of my day. You should write books. You've colored Cedric marvelously but I suspect bodyless friends may be the best he can get. Love the distressing. xxD

  5. Gorgeous page today, Sue! Love that shrunken head, and of course your storytelling is always hilarious!

  6. Another grea use of a bandage!
    I can imagine him saying - it followed me home, can I keep it?
    Grungy creepy.

    There is an event online this weekend called Witches in Fiction.
    Your stories would fit right in.

  7. I don't think a head really counts as a friend. I am glad that Hedwig re-animation was a success. But you better keep a close eye on her - that is all I am going to say for now and someone better get that mess picked up quickly.

  8. I want a head for a best friend too.

  9. Story is so intriguing... what will happen next????
    Fab coloring of the goblin and great background.

  10. Heads totally count as friends, it worked for Tom Hanks right ;0) another fun addition to the saga!

  11. Great Goblin - 2 friends (pumpkin and bodyless head). Looking forward to next instalment!

  12. Amazing digi work! I'm thinking the jack-o-lantern is where Cedric is going to stash his new friend for safe keeping.

  13. The icky band aid is a nice added touch! What an empty-headed friend huh? I guess that is ok, since he is going to probably end up as a "shrunken head" anyways huh? THank you for sharing