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Monday 21 December 2015

Day 11 of Creepmas

Background Alchemist
for Mischief Circus

It certainly had been an eventful week. Deborah managed to get connected to Kevin's Bloodbook  page and posted the message about a deadly Tinselitus outbreak in the area and the quarantine  orders. Hopefully it would prevent any more guests just turning up. Nan went through to the kitchen taking care not to squelch any of the finger rolls. Squiddy and Deborah collected Reg's eyeball ready for the afternoon game of cricket. Kevin was preparing lunch with Val's help. Those crunchy bone sandwiches which really tasted just like peanutbutter and tombstone crackers and knees. There was the problem that Fifi had used the same knife that she had used to scrape the zombie kid's flakes of skin off the floor. Now they didn't know if they were looking at finely sliced cheddar or bits of the kids..
There was a slithery sloopy sort of noise coming from the fireplace. A sucking sound rather like the sound wellies make when they walk through sewers. Something rather nasty was dripping onto the fire grate. Slow and stinky...  and Ploop! It landed on the hearth. Just because it had a Santa hat didn't make it Santa and certainly didn't make it a welcome newcommer. It slithered over to the coffee table and took a mincepie IN EACH HAND!!! Enough!! 
The ladies worked together. Fiona started to charm the creature by juggling party hats then threw the biggest mincepie, distracting him as Deborah ran to the toilet and collected the Reindeer loo rolls. She tied one end to a table and dipped and jumped as she wrapped the roll around some of the tentacles. Val was hitting him with the empty sherry bottles (making sure that they were empty first...) Nan and Leigh managed to position the couch as Susan leapt onto the creatures back, riding him straight up and over.. she jumped off just in time as the couch opened it's cushions and SNAP!! A bit of a chew, a rather loud burp and unfortunately a quite nasty, smelly..... you know what..... and all was quiet.     

I have been invited to be a Guest Designer at the Dream in Darkness Challenge Blog. I am so pleased and honoured to have been asked and I hope you will visit them for much more creepiness.
As always I used neenah, promarkers, pencils and Craft Artist 2


  1. Love this Sue so atmospheric

  2. That couch is awesome! Love the latest visitor and his "departure"! Things are thinning out LOL xx

  3. Pleased I could help Kevin prepare lunch and oh yes the sherry bottles were empty!

  4. I remain convinced that you're a nut case and I just love this story. Still think that Bloodboopk should be a thing! Great work Sue. Looking forward to the last part! xxx

  5. Hi Deborah... well... you have made me laugh out loud with your comments. A huge thank you for helping Kevin. xx