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Tuesday 2 September 2014

Do you really, really want to complain? plus Craft Artist tut 4

by Rick St. Dennis

Well would you? This horrific image by Rick really has come in handy with Halloween and various hops coming up. I know I have coloured him a few times now. Printed onto neenah, coloured with promarkers then inserted into Craft Artist.
I opened Craft artist and chose the Steampunk Inventor kit for the background and the font. I inserted the Head Chef and removed the whiteness of his trousers, I chose the checked material to go behind the image showing through as trousers. I used the cutout studio to remove the extra whiteness around the image and between his arms and his body and added a shadow.

 Craft Artist tutorial to remove white background

This really is just about hand coloured images either stamped or digital. You will need to upload the images into a folder either by scanning and saving or by photographing and uploading or however you normally do it. This folder can be on your desktop for ease of use. (Make a note of the name you have given the image you wish to use... I know....a bit patronising but I have set up everything and forgotten the image name) Anyway, you now have your image ready so it's on to  Craft Artist.
Open Craft Artist, choose Blank Project, chose the size you want for your project, I will choose A5 landscape. It then takes you to the Browse Digi Kits page. I will work on the Water Garden kit. Usually I choose all the papers and embellishments before I start on a project but this time I will work on the image first. So, for this example please click on Done. This will open a blank workspace and now I am going to pick an image to work with.Click on Insert. Now just place your pointer over Photo, move your pointer slightly to the right and click on From File. Choose your image and click Open. Now your pointer will change to a plus sign and a 'grey cube' if you click on your work space your chosen image will appear with the option to re-size. Click on your image and just centralize the image a bit on your workspace. Just above your workspace you will see Cutout Studio with a tiny scalpel, move your pointer onto Cutout Studio and you will see it says Remove Picture Background (Use the Cutout Studio to remove the background from a picture).
So, click on Cutout studio and you will see the progress bar... Analizing image, processing edge information, optomising edges. Your image will appear large on screen. At the top of the workplace you will see that you have a choice of brush size. I always choose the smallest so I can get into all the nooks and crannies. Click on your chosen size of brush. Your pointer will change into a small red circle. Place the red circle onto your image where there are gaps e.g. between fingers or between an elbow and body. Left click and drag the circle ever so slightly... you will see a dotted line appearing around the gap. Move the red circle around the outside of the image, clicking and dragging until the complete image is surrounded by dots/dashes. Click on the small green O.K. If you're not happy with the results just click on the undo/redo.
Now click anywhere on your workspace and your cutout image will appear (Do not click on the image at this stage). If there are any bits left that you wish to remove then click on the small eraser icon at the top of your workspace. Click on Eraser and drag over the unwanted bits. I often have to remove my colour/shading practise areas. You may also find blue lines around your image... just use the eraser tool to remove them. When you have finished with the eraser tool click on Select Tool
Now, just for fun click on Add Item from Digikits which you will see to the left of your workspace (If it isn't there look bottom left and you should see the word Add... click on it) Choose Browse my items tab. Click on Backgrounds (On left hand side) choose any one and the background chosen will enlarge momentarily and have a green circled tick. Click on Done. Now, on the left hand side of your workspace click on your chosen background and drag it to your workspace. Da Daaaa! Your background will appear behind your fussy-cut image. You can now click on your image, resize and move it about. If you want to add other embellishments one idea is to click on the heading Embellishments (on the left of your workspace) so it opens. Left click on your image and drag it over to the embellishments section. Make sure you can see your fussy-cut image in that section then you can right click on the image on your workspace  and choose cut. You can now go back to choosing embellishments and frames and all sorts from the Add Items from Digi kits button and they will all be brought together in seperate sections on the left of your workspace. Don't forget you can scroll down through your kits mix and match as you wish. When you want to see how your image looks then just click on the image in Embellishments  and drag it into place.

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