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Wednesday 17 September 2014

Wisteria Sprite

by Aurora Wings
This beautiful little Sprite reminds me so much of Poppy. If something makes her sad she puts her hands up to her face and we try to make her laugh before the next 'sad' stage which is curling up face down on the sofa. I love colouring these delicate little images with my promarkers and I find that  neenah paper works brilliantly..
For the rest of my project I chose a paper from mcs and imported both the Sprite and the background paper into Craft Artist 2. I will be completing a tutorial hopefully tomorrow.

Here is my tutorial for using Craft Artist 2 working with frames. It is not an official tutorial but it works for me and I think I have explained each and every stage. I do refer to my other tutorials just to save space and I'm sure if you've had Craft Artist 2 for a while you will know better ways of doing things but this works for me (and perhaps newbies)

So, for framing an image (The easy way)

Select which image and background you want to work with and make a note of the names and folders. I am always forgetting where I keep my images....
Open Craft Artist 2 and click on 'Blank Project'. This will take you to 'Page Setup'. I generally choose A5 Portrait or A5 Landscape. Click on one and you will see an orange border around your choice. Click on OK.
Then you have the choice of either 'My Digikits' or 'Browse My Items'. I find it easier to 'Browse My Items'. Here you start making your selection of papers and embellishments, frames etc. You can keep clicking and selecting and then click on 'Done' You will notice that your selections have been placed under the correct headings on the left hand side.
Now click on 'Photos' (On the left) and you will see a blank box. Look down and you will see 'Autoflow    Add...' Click on 'Add' and find your image. Click on 'Open' and your image will appear in the 'Photos' box. Repeat for the background. So now you will have them both in the 'Photos' box.
Click on 'Frames' and make your choice, click and drag your chosen frame onto your workspace. Go back to the 'Photos' and click on your chosen background image. Click and drag your background to the frame on your workspace. The program will fit the background into the frame however delicate or lacy the frame is the background will only show through the frame aperture.  The frame and the background have no become a joined item. If you want a different part of the background to show click on the frame and you will have an option to 'Select Cropped Items' Click on the small left hand box and it will highlight the background within the frame. You can now resize the background as you wish. Now open 'Embellishments' and click and drag the filled frame into the Embellishments' box. When you have the frame safely in the 'Embellishments' box you can remove it from your workspace by Right Click/Cut.
Now I will work with the main image.
Open the 'Photos' and click and drag the image onto your workspace. Remove the white background as per previous tutorials Rub out any unwanted lines around the image by using the 'Eraser' on the top tool bar, ending by clicking on the 'Select Tool' tab. Click on the image to highlight it and click on 'Photo Lab' and make the image warm/intense etc. Accept the changes. Open the 'Embellishments' Click on your nearly completed image and drag it into 'Embellishments'.
In the 'Embellishments' you will find your framed background. Click and drag the framed background onto the workspace and resize as you wish. Click and drag your image onto your workspace, resize and move onto the frame resizing and adding shadows if you wish. Then embellish and add a final backdrop to your project.
Before you show your completed project please add a watermark. Simply click on 'Text Tool' Write your name, resize it, change the font and change the colour of the text to white. Place the watermark on top of your coloured image and export as per tutorial. 

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  1. This is gorgeous Sue, love this cute sprite and the scene you have created.
    Linda xxx