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Friday 23 October 2015

Day 23 of the Halloween Hop

by Rick St. Dennis
for Mischief Circus

In the town the drains started to bubble... and when each bubble popped a sickly sweet scent drifted along the pavement. The smell was sometimes revolting and then at the same time wonderfully aromatic. After one wave of bubbles gently drifted off on the breeze something started emerging from the main drain. The drain cover was only about six inches square and just made the slightest 'pop' as it came loose. A squishy violet blob started to poke against the underside of the drain, slowly emerging and stretching.. As it oozed out of the drain it seemed to grow and almost fit into the alley from wall to wall. It was preternatural, dripping slime and gore as it licked the bricks hungrily. If it managed to get to the lake all hope may be lost, the townsfolk were terrified. There was no more salt to be found, all had been collected ready to defeat the being in the lake. Can anyone out there banish the slug?

This is for the Smeared and Smudged wonderfully spooky hop. If you are hopping you should have arrived here from the amazing Maureen and your next stop is the fantastic  Domino Art  Have fun Mwahaha 


  1. Your story is particularly descriptive today, Sue! Gave me the shivers! Love that oozing monster. Looks like he's taking a bit of a time out for tea. xxD

  2. Great colouring on the monster, would love to tea!

  3. EEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKK! What a magificent and GOREgously horrific creature...why tea you say, yes please, let me grab a chair!

  4. As always a real treat . Have a great weekend x

  5. Hmmm, clad I am a coffee drinker .... creepy monster coming with tea, lol

  6. does anybody have some beer. I think that is supposed to work on slugs.
    He's so ugly he's pretty.

  7. That is one terrifying slug! Love it that it's delivering a tea set!

  8. oh no what a beautiful slug that should not the purples and the cute tea set he carries.
    no more salt oh no..let's hope they do not need more.