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Thursday 20 October 2016

Day 20 of the Halloween Hop

Top Hat & Devil Boy
Part of my huge prize 2015 Halloween Hop
I will be giving the links as soon as I find them
Haunted Outhouse 2015
Rick St. Dennis
 Mischief Circus
Printed onto neenah and coloured with Spectrum Noir pencils and Promarkers
Don't forget to visit the amazing blogs taking part in the hop.. there could be some prizes on the way if you leave some awesome comments. We all look forward so much each year to these wonderful 31 days of creepiness....

Darren got to work in the garden. His keep net managed to sift through the stench leaving behind just a sparkle. All the nasty lumpy stuff was tipped into a bin for re-cycling (amazing how many bins we are given now-a-days for that very purpose) Rebecca and Mary were in the kitchen when they heard a bit of a clatter. They sent a spare rat wearing a hard hat out the back door to check the Health and Safety situation.  There was just a bit of scaffolding up with a creature and a clipboard and pencil on the outhouse steps. Just why Darren's work had to be certified.. in fact Darren was a bit insulted and gave his sparkle filled keep net a bit of a tug and a whispered command and it took on a life of it's own and gradually 'snaked' across the step and slowly and gently engulfed the creature, totally sparkled him and absorbed every part of him but his top hat.
Now that the couch had found somewhere else to dine Nan and Susan were able to gather a couple of chairs and blankets and full jam jars.They arranged themselves on the front porch all comfy and warm and waited to see what would happen. It's amazing how brave a jam jar of Elderflower wine can make someone... add a tin of home made ginger nuts and well.... 


  1. Sue, I have got to lay off of that wine! I am still hungover from yesterday! But so glad that ghastly couch is gone! Great cleanup job by Darren! Can't wait to see what crawls or happens next! xx

  2. So much fun to sit on the
    front porch and watch the
    world go by. I'd do it
    with Nan and susan if I
    was in the story.
    thanks for sharing.

  3. It sure sounds like things are looking up. I hope nothing goes wrong.

  4. ok maybe it is good the killer couch is gone...maybe...

  5. I have such a soft spot for Devil Boy!!

  6. Oh no, Viki actually said it, which means something WILL go wrong ...

  7. Things are a bit too calm..strangely calm, I've got a bad feeling about this....