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Friday 21 October 2016

Day 21 of the Halloween Hop

aka Sammy
Part of my huge prize 2015 Halloween Hop
I will be giving the links as soon as I find them
 Mischief Circus
Printed onto neenah and coloured with Spectrum Noir pencils and Promarkers
Don't forget to visit the amazing blogs taking part in the hop.. there could be some prizes on the way if you leave some awesome comments. We all look forward so much each year to these wonderful 31 days of creepiness...

Caroline's brother Sammy heard all the commotion from inside the drains. He had been pushing and squeezing his way through the pipes and the bits of Penny and Claire until he could struggle through the plughole. He squeezed and pushed and POP! he shot out with the chain around one arm and his ghost beacons swirling and flashing a sickly green in the dim light of the bathroom. Three ghosts came with him, they were the ones that should have stayed in the sewer. They weren't scented at all so I suppose that was one good thing. Sammy trundled his way through the bathroom and across the landing with the ghosts following closely. Mary was holding the banister when each ghost passed straight through her... eawwww that type of feeling needed warming up. She saw Viki heading towards the pantry and wondered if there was any wine left... just something to take the edge off. After all, as you all know, after a ghost (never mind 3 ghosts) have wandered right through a person without so much as a bye your leave something has to be done to get you warm again.

Caroline tidied her tentacles and shined her goggles and gazed in wonder at the broken bath especially the stretched plughole. She carefully flicked at the newly created tunnel and eased herself forwards and slithered quite easily bit by bit into the darkness.

So sorry, my blog just can't cope with too much elderflower wine. I hope you all can read today's story and I will be trying again tomorrow.


  1. What will we find in the pantry I wonder????

  2. I imagine it is a weird feeling
    to see/feel a ghost pass through
    your body. At lease they didn't
    leave any nasty things.
    Print was small but it was
    worth it.
    thanks for sharing.

  3. wait need my magnifying glasses lol...seems like the story teller might be enjoying the wine as well????? mahahahaha move over I will join you

  4. I think this is my favourite scene so far - love the ghosts!

  5. Left a comment yesterday but I don't see it.
    I think they are disappearing in the mist from
    the outhouse.
    take care

  6. Oh yay, Mary is in the story, too. :-)
    I'll take some of that elderflower wine if you have too much ...

  7. That wine is quiet potent, Sue! Hope you haven't been hitting it as much as Val and I have! Now looks like Viki really needed a touch of the stuff after that encounter! Awesome art with this one! xx

  8. Hope everything is OK.
    Miss the story.
    take care.

  9. UHO, something from the story has escaped into blogland and has caused havoc...lucky I'm still in the pantry...any black jelly beans left?

  10. I'm glad I wasn't stood by the banister with Mary!

  11. Where you hiding girl???? Is everything all right?

  12. Oh I'm so pleased I wasn't by Mary when she was holding the banister when the ghost passed through!