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Wednesday 5 October 2016

Day 5 of the Halloween Hop

Part of my huge prize 2015 Halloween Hop
I will be giving the links as soon as I find them
Background Abandoned and Welcome to my Nightmare
for Mischief Circus
Printed onto neenah and coloured with Spectrum Noir pencils
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The nurse skittered to a stop beside the bowl which still had a quantity of mush available for testing. Joe had been reduced to nothing but bones. No-one was around to notice that Penny looked a bit like Chuckles (The Handy Creep) if you could see through the glamour. It wasn't only vampires who had that talent.
Anyway, Penny scooped up Joe's remains without dripping any on her shoes which just so happened to be the extra special Jim Chews she had been saving for... for ages. Now she had Joe's bones she could start saving for the Burntkin handbag to match. Oh dear.. her mind was wandering off on it's own again. Hopefully not too far, last time she had to pay to get it back again.
Catz (my scientist (yes really) friend) had already been building her lab in the cellar and was waiting for Penny to bring samples for testing. That potion from the were-rabbit was strange stuff and the instructions should have been followed.. but no.... those extra tomatoes just changed everything. As Penny was opening the cellar door (which didn't creak due to excessive oiling) the eye watering, squealing, shoulder twitching, sound-feeling was getting louder...


  1. At least Penny has nice shoes and
    may someday have a nice handbag.
    thanks for another episode.

  2. More great images....loving the story!

  3. I like Penny poor Joe..glad he cannot hear what we do not know is there :)

  4. Wow! Penny had to pay to get her mind back, too? And here I was thinking it was only me :) Very tense ending can't wait for the next part! xx

  5. Oh, this is my favorite image so far, love it!

  6. Oh no not having to pay to get your mind back...I'd be broke. LOL

  7. Awwww poor Joe! You had me at Jim Chews bwahahahaha👻