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Sunday, 25 October 2015

Day 25 Halloween Hop

Autumn Window skulls
by Rick St. Dennis

News had started filtering through the town. The local Coven were alerting their members and this lady was not going to put up with any nonsense. She would send that giant slug back down to the sewers without even chipping her nails. She may look genteel but she is one strong, broom wielding, spell casting, mesmerizing Nanny.  She had been chosen to protect the Dream Store.. this would be a safe haven for any of the less experienced witches and perhaps elves who needed a freshen-up before diving into the battle once more. She was stocking up on skulls (With or without brains) extra eyeballs, bones of every size and sundry herbs and spices yet still being able to wait outside watching down the street for any warning fires. With a sigh of relief the townsfolk knew their slug problem would be no more!

This is for the Smeared and Smudged wonderfully spooky hop. If you are hopping you should have arrived here from the amazing Maureen and your next stop is the fantastic  Domino Art  Have fun Mwahaha 


  1. Great combining with the window and the wall, and the lady giving the final touch, perfect.

  2. Oh isn't she just fab in her finery! This is going to be a wicked battle!

  3. Out on the sidewalk like that, I wonder if she's in fact a hooker.... and ready to hook that slug into next week.

  4. She's not one to mess with. She might be dressed like a lady but when it comes to a fight - she's no lady.

  5. oh beautiful art. I have that window with the skull..everyone should know to watch out for the nanny :)

  6. Looks like the woman in charge, for sure! Love the addition of the window. Fabulous. xxD

  7. Gorgeous colours! Love this one Sue!